Win a pass for one tandem jump to Skydive New England


Listen to win a pass good for one tandem jump plus a gift certificate to the Ripcord Cafe at Skydive New England with Skydive New England’s Holy _Blank_ Skydive Giveaway! 


When you correctly fill in the blank, you get to throw whomever the blank you want from a perfectly good blanking airplane at 14,000 blanking feet! It’s pure, skydiving adrenaline from the best in the business – Skydive New England. 


Every day this week, we’re giving away a tandem skydive at Skydive New England, PLUS a certificate to chow down for free at Skydive New England’s Ripcord Café. Can’t wait to win…Book your trip now at www.skydivenewengland.com