Classic Hits A to Z CONTEST RULES



The “Classic Hits A to Z” cash contest will run exclusively on WFNK (“107.5 Frank FM”). Other co-owned stations/simulcast partners are not part of this contest.


WFNK will designate one song per day, Monday-Friday from 9-6pm during the duration of the contest to play out of alphabetical order. At the time the designated song plays, the operator on duty will take the 20th caller at 1-888-863-7265 (1-888-86-FRANK). That caller will receive $100, and officially be entered in a grand prize drawing to be conducted at the conclusion of the contest for a $2500 bonus.


On-air talent may issue clues to help listeners identify the song multiple times between 6a-9a Monday-Friday during the duration of the contest, and/or via station apps and social media.


In the event that a song plays out of alphabetical order during contest hours that is NOT the officially designated contest entry song of the day, no contest will be conducted at that time. This includes instances of technical malfunction, operator error, or any clip of a song used in a piece of radio station imaging or radio advertisements/promotional/public service announcements. In all cases, “Alphabetical order” will be determined by Station Management.


Station Management reserves the right to suspend or end contesting for any reason, including but not limited to current events or technical issues.