Stan Bennett

Stan was born into radio, he really was!!! Upon arriving into the world, he ran head first into the families am radio, and his signal has only grown since. Stan is a born and bred Mainer growing up in Woolwich and graduating from Morse High in 1991.

His desire and dedication to the broadcasting life began at the age of 15 working at WIGY/WJTO which seemed only fitting since he grew up listening to the likes of Chuck Night, C. Mac, Steve Maple, Mark Edwards, and Bob Anderson on the same station from the age of 10. Stan lives and breathes the radio life even chaining himself to a radio tower during his college years, unfortunately, nobody knew he was there, and it took a week to find him.

He now lives in Auburn with his wife Alison and his sons Drew 15 and Jakey 12. Stan has two older sons Zach 26 and Dustin 23. When he isn’t trying to make you laugh each morning on Frank, he can be found driving his golf cart around his yard for no particular reason. Stan is a die-hard Pats and Sox fan. He loves to be with his family, ski (at least try to ski), stare at his truck that he never drives (we know…very weird) and visit one of his favorite spots on Earth, Popham Beach.

On-Air Schedule
Sunday 12:00pm - 06:00pm Classic Hits