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Holly Nunan

More commonly known as “The Nunz,” Holly Nunan is a musician who grew up in the state of Maine and has an unabashed love for the state and its thriving music scene. She can be found around Portland taking in any number of shows, performing with any variety of local musical acts (basically anyone who will give her a microphone and a tambourine.) Holly believes she was born in the wrong era and that that has ultimately led to her lifelong obsession with classic rock. Some of her favorite artists include The Kinks, Traveling Wilburys, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, T. Rex, Neil Young, Roy Orbison, Harry Nilsson, The Beatles, ELO, The Zombies, The Stones, Leon Russell, and The Cars. Holly also has an unhealthy obsession with George Harrison, who is, without a doubt, her favorite Beatle (and probably her favorite human). She enjoys a good taco and stupid cat videos.

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Kera Burke

Hey there, I’m Kera Burke. My parents call me Mertle but don’t tell anyone! I was raised in Ct and went to UCONN for marketing and communications. When looking for an internship I ended up at a radio station in Hartford and have never left the business. I have worked in radio and TV in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and now Maine. I absolutely love what I do and have worked in all facets, I pride myself on being a “team player.” As for outside radio, I have 2 kids, my son is 20 and my daughter is 19. They are my entire world. I’m a crazy woman in the kitchen creating tornados. Cooking was NEVER my thing but it was amazing therapy after my divorce. People actually ask me for my recipes! So here I am, a part of Frank FM and I am truly grateful.

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Leif Erickson

I grew up in northern Worcester County, Massachusetts. I had the benefit of growing up listening to radio stations in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Manchester, and Providence, but it was the dearly departed WBCN Boston that left the biggest mark on me. I did four years at Boston University where the radio bug first bit me, at student station WTBU (notable WTBU alumni include a guy named Howard Stern). Upon graduating, I packed up the proverbial wagon and headed north to Lebanon, NH, where I worked in radio for five years before a relatively new station, 107.5 Frank FM came calling in 2005. You've been stuck with me in the afternoons ever since, so, sorry about that.

My first ever concert was The Moody Blues in 1988. A couple of years later I discovered. Yes, and they are still my favorite band today. My favorite artist to interview has to be Todd Rundgren (I've had him on the show three times.) My music collection at home truly goes from ABBA to ZZ Top.

I'm a pretty private and quiet guy off-the-air. But you might see me at a local record shop perusing the "just arrived" bin. I'm a terrible runner, but that doesn't stop me from running Beach to Beacon every August! I'm also something of an amateur hiker. Give me a two-hour hike and a nice view, and I'm good. I love other people's dogs, and I am a cat dad at home. You might also see me taking turns down Rogue Angel at Sunday River, Lynx at Wildcat, or Walking Boss at Loon. (Fun fact, I've also been a radio ski conditions reporter for Snocountry over the past two decades. You can hear me on the radio everywhere from Massachusetts to Oregon in the wintertime!)

Thanks for being a part of our radio get-togethers! Join me for great tunes from 2p-7p, Connect the Classics at 3:30p, and the 6 O'Clock Class Reunion at 6p every Monday-Friday. You can follow me on Facebook at

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Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson has been all over the dial on Portland radio since 2005, doing everything from weekends and overnights in various formats to news anchoring and traffic reporting. An obsessive music fan from a very young age, Rick especially loves all things rock n' roll, and feels most at home DJing in a rock format.

When he's not on the radio, Rick spends his free time crawling through the bins at local record shops looking for classic and rare vinyl (all while trying to convince his wife that 2000+ records isn't NEARLY enough). When prompted, he will gladly explain to anybody who will listen why Black Sabbath is the most underrated band in the history of rock (please, don't prompt him).

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Adam Rondeau

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